Nost Motorsports

Nost Motorsports was officially started in 2011 and our first race season was 2012 in Boone Iowa. The owner of the car and team is Bob Nost and without him and his wife Deanna this team would never have been a possibility. The driver, Dustin Lynch, came into the family over 6 years ago when he started dating Natalie. Bob had a dream to start a race team of his own someday and that dream came true when Dustin spoke up that his dream was to drive. At that point the decision was made, Bob would buy a car for him to race and Deanna supported the decision the whole way. Racing has always been a family event for the Nost’s. Bob has been on a pit crew since he moved to Boone and Deanna has always been there to watch. Once the twins, Natalie and Nicole were born, they were there too. They knew that Saturday was race day.

Although our own team wasn’t started until just recently, our family has been involved with racing for over 30 years. In the 80’s Bob raced a stock car and drag raced a ’69 Nova himself. After moving to Boone Bob was a part of a pit crew and helped Chris Mallicoat, Jason Mallicoat, and Skeeter Paris on all types of cars including sprint cars, stock cars, hobby stocks, sport mods and modifieds.

After helping Skeeter for 10 years, Skeeter decided to quit racing and Bob had a long two years off. He wanted to get involved directly with racing again so when Dustin expressed a want to race Bob jumped at the chance and the rest has pretty much become history. Dustin chose the number 5 and the race team was made. Both Bob and Dustin’s dreams becoming a reality.

Bob knew he had his work cut out for him. Dustin had never raced before and other than Turbo, he was pretty much the only pit crew member who knew a lot about cars, especially the mechanics. Over the past 2 years Bob and the pit crew have built the car pretty much from the ground up including the motors which Bob builds himself.

It has taken a lot of work and dedication to get to where we are today as Nost Motorsports but it has been worth it every step of the way. It’s not about the money or the name at the end of the day for this team. It’s about family and enjoying the sport we all love so much. You can find us racing at the Boone Speedway on Saturday nights and we have travelled to race in Marshalltown on Friday nights and Stuart on Sundays. The race team would like to thank Bob and Deanna both for their love and support in making this dream come true. We would also like to thank our sponsors as well and encourage you to check out our sponsor’s link!